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SMOOTH FEET Hydrating regenerating foot cream HOME USE 50 ml

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Grapefruit regenerating foot cream is intended for all skin types, particularly dry and cracked. Contains, grapefruit extract, allantoin, beeswax.

Treatment intended for specialist care of dry feet. Its objective is to restore a healthy and beautiful appearance to the feet as well as to relax the whole body.

Due to the high concentration of active ingredients, it smooths the skin, leaving the feet soft and relaxed.

The treatment may be performed independently or during other care procedures.

Indications: dry skin, prone to cracking, tired feet requiring regeneration and relaxation.

Contraindication: fungal infection, yeast infection, warts, inflammation and allergies, skin breakdown.

Active Ingredients:

Grapefruit Extract– cleanses, refreshes and revitalizes tired feet

grapefruit essential oil, allantoin, beeswax, shea butter, inulin



improves blood circulation ofthe skin,
deeply moisturises, tones and strengthens.
protects against renewed cracks.
prevents calluses.
leaves the feet soft, silky smooth and pleasant to the touch.

Application: Apply the cream on the feet and do massage. Allow to absorb. Can be used with paraffin treatments