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EXPERT LASHES Face & eyelash foam shampoo 100 ml

8.90  (sis. KM)

3 laos

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A shampoo in the form of gentle cleansing foam for face washing and for degreasing eyelashes before performing the extension and thickening treatment.

It does not contain fragrances, does not irritate.

Professional preparation for salon care – cleans before applying artificial eyelashes and for home care – as a face wash for everyday use.

Effects: cleansed face skin and degreased eyelashes. The preparation does not affect the eyelashes and the bonding of the glue.

Active Ingredients: natural sugar, betaine

Application: Squeeze a small amount of the foam and then gently spread it on the eyelashes. We recommend using an eyelash brush or sponge applicators.Or simply use as everyday face wash.