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JANTAR Hot treatment with amber extract (mask+shampoo+balm)

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JANTAR Hot treatment with amber extract (mask + shampoo + balm) 17g + 15g + 5g

Rebuilding hot treatment for dry and brittle hair – give your hair softness and shine! Treatment is based on verified and effective formula. It is a result of a long tradition of using the unique properties of amber.

amber * argan oil * avocado oil * coconut oil * silk proteins

CONFIRMED RESULTS: hydrated and strong hair, full of vitality, silky smooth and soft.

Thanks to the application of warm mask, the hair scales open up gathering strength from the beneficial ingredients. Application: Step 1. Regenerating oil mask: place the sachet with mask in a bowl with hot water for approx. 1 minute * massage warm mask on hair and comb it * put on the plastic cap and wrap your head in towel * leave for 20 minutes and then rinse. Step 2. Moisturizing shampoo: apply the content of the sachet on moist hair, massage until foam appears and rinse. Step 3. Smoothing balm: spread the content of the sachet with balm on moist hair and then rinse. If your hair needs intense regeneration, leave the balm without rinsing.

CLOSER TO NATURE: 87% natural origin content.

PACKAGING CONTENT: regenerating oil mask 17g – intensively regenerates, nourishes and rebuilds hair, making it flexible and strong * moisturizing shampoo 15g – makes hair vital and bouncy, provides optimum hydration for the scalp * smoothing balm 5g – makes hair smooth, shiny and facilitates combing * hair cap – retains warmth facilitating penetration of active substances into the hair structure.