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PERFECT BEAUTY Collagen cream daynight (rejuvenating, smoothing)

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Farmona PERFECT BEAUTY Face Cream with Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen Day / Night 50ml


The Perfect Beauty face creams line was created for every day skin care. With optimally balanced active ingredients creams effectively care for all skin needs. Unique formulation will perfectly take care of the skin, acting comprehensively and restoring natural radiance.

The cream is recommended for the care of all skin types. It makes the skin look optimally moisturized and smoothed, leaving it velvety to the touch. It nourishes your skin by replacing lost moisture, brings relief and ensures proper care during the day.

How does the cream work?

makes the skin look optimally moisturized,
reduces the feeling of dryness of the epidermis,
smoothes the appearance of rough epidermis,
restores the feeling of comfort to the skin

Special ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid -moisturizes the skin
Collagen-smoothes and conditions the appearance of the skin
Vitamin E-oils, slows down the visibility of the aging process of the skin
Shea butter –cares and helps to sooth irritations
Volume: 50ml

Parim enne: 04/2024