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HERBS HEMP OIL shampoo for very dry hair 400 ml

5,50  (sis. KM)

3 laos

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HERBS HEMP OIL shampoo for very dry hair 400 ml

Nature is our common priceless good, that is why we reap only the best ingredients from its wealth. To create this nutri shampoo, we used its masterpiece – very precious and rich in Omega-3.6 acids hemp oil with outstanding regenerating properties that will improve even the condition of very dry hair. Ingredients – the treasures hidden in our shampoo: hemp oil, proteins, phytolipids, allantoin. Effects – let yourself be surprised: clean, moisturized hair full of vitality * smoothed and easy to comb * resilient and robust * restored hair shine and cohesiveness.

Application: apply on wet hair, massage until it foams, and then rinse.