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HERBAL CARE Ginseng Conditioner for delicate and thin hair

3,30  (sis. KM)

10 laos

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HERBAL CARE Ginseng Conditioner for delicate and thin hair 200 ml

Our ginseng conditioner is developed for all who have delicate and thin hair. We composed it with valued for centuries natural plant ingredients which visibly strengthen and regenerate the hair and increase resistance to damages. Day by day hair are getting stronger, thicker, silky-soft and full of life. Ingredients, or why does conditioner work: ginseng root nourishes and significantly strengthens the hair, improving its condition and appearance * wheat proteins rebuild hair structure, improve its condition * liquid Keratin strengthens the hair and makes them more resilient and smooth * A, E, F vitamins nourish and regenerate hair * Inutec protects hair and facilitates combing. Effects, or expect the best: strengthened and full of vitality hair * nourished and regenerated * velvety soft, shiny and smooth * protected from breaking and splitting of the ends.

Usage: Gently apply  conditioner  into wet hair.  Leave for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water.

96% natural origin content