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HERBAL CARE Flax Conditioner for dry and brittle hair

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HERBAL CARE Flax Conditioner for dry and brittle hair 200 ml

Our flax conditioner is developed for all who have dry and brittle hair. We composed it with valued for centuries natural plant ingredients that nourish, rebuild, smooth damaged hair and prevent from breaking and splitting. Day by day hair are more resilient, moisturized, shiny and in excellent condition. Ingredients, or why does our conditioner work:  flax extract moisturizes and restores damaged hair, ensuring its vitality, elasticity, softness and shine * wheat proteins regenerate the hair structure, improves its condition and resistance to damage * ceramides make hair stronger and more flexible, preventing it from breaking and splitting * liquid keratin rebuilds the hair structure, giving it volume, smoothness and shine * Inutec protects hair and facilitate combing. Effects, or expect the best: moisturized, nourished and visibly regenerated hair * resistant to damage, silky smooth, elastic and shiny * effectively protected from drying, breaking and splitting of the ends.

Usage: gently apply conditioner into wet hair. Leave for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water.

94% natural origin content