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FACE & BODY ROLLER Microneedle skin exfoliation with acids 5x5 ml

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Farmona Professional Face Body Roller Microneedle Skin Exfoliation with Acids 5 x 5ml

This is an innovative restructuring and revitalizing treatment that combines two highly effective techniques of skin stimulation – microneedle mesotherapy and acid exfoliation.
The rule of treatment is based on causing three controlled phases that occur in the skin: damage, exfoliation and regeneration. As a result of microneedle mesotherapy in the epidermis starts
to form micro-canals, through which acid molecules are transported. This process leads to faster overcoming the epidermal barrier and penetration of the chemical peeling into the deeper epidermal layer, giving faster and more effective exfoliation effect. The combination of microneedle and acid make the formation of micro-trauma that stimulates the skin to two processes: exfoliation and regeneration.
In the effect, the epidermis rebuilds and in the dermis are formed new collagen and elastin fibers; furrows and wrinkles become less visible as well as accumulated melanin is reduced.

RECOMMENDED FOR: a visible wrinkles, lack of firmness and elasticity of the skin, photoaging, hyperpigmentation, excessive epidermal keratinization.


ALMOND ACID – is qualified to alpha hydroxy acids; good tolerated by sensitive skin. It relaxes bonds that connect cells of dermal keratinization, accelerates natural exfoliation process, stimulates regeneration of deeper layers. It also activates fibroblasts in the dermis, increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin as well as inhibits melanin production and possesses depigmentation properties.

SHIKIMIC ACID – an organic compound qualified to the group of alpha hydroxy acids. It has wide and complex properties, as: removes dead skin cells, increases hydration, improves firmness and elasticity of the skin, regenerates the skin with photo-damages and discolorations due to sunburn. In comparison to most acids, shikimic acid is very effective, moreover it possesses a slight irritation properties.

PHYTIC ACID – a natural organic compound, qualified to a group of gentle exfoliations. It has
anti-oxidants and chelating properties and facilitates removal from organisms excessive toxic heavy metal, thanks to that, it prevents to generate free radicals. Phytic acid is an effective ingredient in anti-aging and reducing discoloration treatments.


visibly improvement condition and structure of the skin,
smoothed surface, increased skin density, wrinkles reduction,
accelerated skin revival,
visibly lightened discolorations, evened skin tone,
gradually and deeply cleansing the skin,
restoration of youthful and fresh appearance.

  • effects approved after 5 series of treatments with derma roller usage. The effects also depend on skin condition.

RECOMMENDED NUMBER OF TREATMENTS: 4-6 treatments in series should be performed once in a week or once in two weeks. The number of treatments and their duration should be selected individually to each case depending on: skin type, treatment aim and results achieved after first application.

Recommended length of roller needles: 0.3 – 0.5 mm.Product can also be used with Derma pen

REACTIONS OF THE SKIN DURING AND AFTER TREATMENT: during the treatment, may occur the sensation of smarting, tingling, swelling and redness. A gentle process of exfoliation may appear 1-2 days after treatment and may last up to 2 days. Intensiveness and duration of these sensations depend on individually sensitivity and skin type.

RECOMMENDATION AFTER TREATMENT: up to 12 hours after treatment with derma roller usage, avoid: alcohol, coffee, piquant spices, do not put on make-up. Up to 24 hours after treatment, do not use a sauna and swimming pools. Up to 2 weeks after treatment, avoid sun exposure as well as protect your skin against sunlight influence.